Date: Monday, November 12, 2012
Time: 07:30 PM
Location: Marian Gallaway Theatre Rowand-Johnson Hall
Cost: $18 adults; $15 faculty & senior; $12 students 


From playwright George Bernard Shaw, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Misalliance is a comic examination of the mating instincts of a varied group of people gathered at a wealthy man's country home one summer weekend afternoon.  A successful merchant is enjoying his life, along with his dotty wife, daughter, and son.  But the simple estate is turned upside down and unsuitable alliances are formed by the visit of the daughter's fiance, his aristocrat father, a gun-wielding youth trying to kill the merchant, and a sputtering airplane containing an old school chum of the fiance and a female acrobat.

Contact Info: Department Theatre and Dance, (205) 348-3400,Website,

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