Quarks, Higgs, and the Multiverse: Physics Looks to the Next Universe

Date: Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Time: 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM
Location: Riverside Community Center
Cost: free 

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HCA Talks will be hosting Dr. Louis Clavelli for its second Talk, titled "Quarks, Higgs, and the Multiverse: Physics looks to the next Universe". Dr. Clavelli will present the discussion in the physics profession that the universe will, in a short time on the cosmological time scale, make a transition to a state in which the laws of physics are significantly different from the current state. He will touch on topics such as dark energy and his own prediction for the next universe.

HCA Talks are meant to be informative and informal discussions led by professors on an interesting or controversial topic that a student might not have the opportunity of learning about in class. There will be free coffee.

Contact Info: Molly Olmstead, (251) 609-1060,

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